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While the architectural field has changed more in the last 30 years than in the previous 3,000 – thanks to the rapid acceleration of globalization and the convulsions of the market economy – architectural education has mostly failed to keep pace. The Strelka Institute, in Moscow, proposes a different way of looking at architecture: not only for the general improvement of design, but with the intention of introducing research as the most essential basis of architectural education. AMO develops an educational program with Strelka to address a range of issues that are pertinent worldwide, and particularly urgent in Russia.

In the first year, the students research focuses on one of five topics developed by AMO. Each theme is framed with a paradox that reflects contemporary shifts in architecture and the way it is perceived and inhabited from a social, economic, and cultural perspective
The work is guided by a theme Initiator who provides the overall framework for the research, a project Supervisor who oversees its execution, and local Mentors who help translate it into a media product